Situated next to Nuweiba city, on a reef protected sandy beach. Perfect for snorkeling and with SSI scuba diving club next door. 5 minutes drive from Nuweiba market place where you can shop for authentic souvenirs. 

Body and soul workshops
Connecting with your soul>>

   If you are at a junction in your life and do not know which path to follow, if you want to learn how to ask for things that you want in your life and get them, if you want to take charge of the direction, responsibility and quality of your life … then you are invited to join the wonderful journey of surprises and adventure, to discover the ability to improve your life,to get in touch with your inner self and to use your abilities to the fullest.

  • Maya Sela is a world known psychic, past-life therapist and teacher, working in the spiritual arena for almost 20 years. www.mayasela.koral.co.il

  • Maya was a registered nurse with over 25 years of experience.

  • Maya is famous in Israel, Russia, and all over the world for her spiritual/intuitive teachings and advice.  She advises/teaches people individually and in groups. The last few years have included workshops in Moscow, Australia, Sinai, and more… more… more… more… more… more… more… more… more…

Also in the workshops , take care of your body with Pilates and relaxing massage on the beach  .
 Don't miss Workshops are especially empowered and life changing.

   Pilates  teachers and the masseurs are among the leading professionals in their field in Israel . They were carefully chosen for their rich knowledge and experience, and have proven themselves in practice many times over

Contact for this option  
       Tel :+972-54-520-8259
        Email : danadag10@gmail.com 

   Yoga , Pilates , massage 

  • Experience physical and emotional change through the practice of yoga Develop and take care of your body with Pilates Enjoy a pampering, relaxing and revitalizing massage Laze on the beach  .

  • Give yourself the gift of a little time to take care of yourself and we will take care of all the details, including travel arrangements, schedules and accommodation

Contact for this option  
Email :sharkia-Sinai @bezeqint.net 



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